The Wentworth Staff Releases a Huge Sigh of Relief


It is what we all consider one another who work at this beautiful hotel.  Isn’t it true that you spend more time with your co-workers than you do your spouse or children?  When one person hurts here, we all hurt, and we all pull together to create a unified bond and support system.

That is exactly what we did to our favorite Housekeeping Supervisor, Bobbie.  For the past month or so, it was determined that our Bobbie was diagnosed with having breast cancer.  That word has to be the scariest word in our language.  Imagine the devastation that hit her when she found out and her loved ones who had to hear about their mom or wife or sister.  The news shook the hotel hard.  We had to come together and help her through this.  There was no way we were letting her go through it alone.  When she was stressed, we picked up her pieces, when she was tired, we gave her another helper to get throught the day.

Well…….I can not be happier to announce that just yesterday, after a biopsy was done, the doctors are 99% sure that she is in fact CANCER FREE!!!!  The joy that overcame our faces and hearts was so overwhelming.  To see Bobbie smiling again was a sight surely missed.  Of course this doesn’t mean she is out of the woods completely, but the hope that was given to her and her family and her Wentworth extended family is a power gift.

Bobbie, we are bursting at the seam with happiness for you.  On a more selfish note, we get to keep the best housekeeping supervisor ever in addition to seeing her caring, joyous personality throughout the hotel for many years to come!

We love you Bobbie!!!!