The Pumpkin People Are Returning – Jackson, NH

When you visit our inn, tucked into a mountain side, featuring warming fires by the bedside and a luxurious spa, you may not think of Pumpkin People, but we do! As you are visiting with us this fall, we hope you’ll explore the countryside around The Wentworth Inn. If you’re lucky enough to come this October, we want to encourage you to take part in the “Return of the Pumpkin People.” We know it may sound odd, but it will be one of the best parts of your trip to see us!

Exactly What Are Pumpkin People?

When you visit the area during October of this year, you’ll be able to pick up an official Pumpkin People Map and navigate through the region to find properties participating. This is a self-guided tour so you can spend as much time at any location as you would like. Each host location will have an official logo identifying the property. You’ll get to explore many of the area’s beautiful landscapes and rolling hills, but these properties have something unique to offer.

Many of the property owners invest a great deal of time and effort into creating unique displays. The event features live pumpkins in various displays. These are impressive! During the first 14 days, the pumpkin displays feature live pumpkins, though towards the end of the event, some property owners need to trade out existing pumpkins for artificial products. Just remember, as you are walking through the fun displays that these were all created using real pumpkins!

Each of the participating properties have the freedom to design a pumpkin-themed display any way they would like to. The creativity is fantastic. You’ll get to drive through some areas or get out and walk (we hope you’ll explore as many of these properties as you can since each one is so different from the next.)

Fun Doesn’t Stop There

It’s plenty of fun to walk around, enjoy some refreshing, fresh cider and sample everything you can think of, but there is more to this event. First, with map in hand, visit as many of the Pumpkin People properties you can. The map offers a simple icon and each location has a fun logo on it as well. Then, once you’ve visited them, you’ll be able to complete the ballot. Each location has a ballot you can fill out. We’re voting for our favorites and you can help us to choose the property that’s really gone above and beyond to impress you! Don’t worry. We know it’s a hard decision!

Visit Us This Fall For an Incredible Experience

There truly isn’t a better place to spend a fall honeymoon or a romantic weekend getaway than with the Wentworth Inn. The inn, built in 1869 offers incredible charm and character. You’ll find the modern amenities you want here, but you’ll also gain experiences you simply cannot find anywhere else.

We encourage you to explore the area. From the mountains, and their amazing foliage this time of the year, to the covered bridges and old fashioned railway rides, this is the ideal place to experience the very best that fall has to offer. The Return of the Pumpkin People festival is just one example of what incredible community spirit is present here. You may still have a few days of fantastic weather for a white water raft ride or you can do some antiquing. No matter your plans, the Wentworth Inn welcomes you to your next New England destination.

Explore fall with us and enjoy the Return of the Pumpkin People festival when you do. We promise, you’ll feel like a kid laughing the day away and enjoying fantastic fall weather and amazing food.