Check Out The Wentworth’s New Menu Design!

You have got to see these menus!!!  Talk about the “WOW” factor!  Fritz and Ellie have certainly outdone themselves.

Just a few weeks ago we added a new addition to our dining room.  It is called The Lighted Menu.  At first glance it appears to be your average menu, although classy, elegant and sharp looking, but when you open it…WOW!  So cool.  The menu has a back LED light for easy reading.  How many times have you gone to a restaurant when the lights are all dimmed low for the ambiance and you strain your eyes just to read what is a foot away from you?  Not here at The Wentworth.  Fritz loves to watch the reaction on people’s faces when they open them for the first time.

The menus are full size and illuminate the moment you open the cover.  To see the actual menu you have to visit The Wentworth Dining Room.

At the front of the dining room near the maitre d’ stand there is an area where you can recharge them at the end of the night so that the LED is bright and ready for the next use.  They are eco friendly which means no battery waste in landfills.  Instead, they are rechargeable and energy efficient and turn off automatically when the cover is closed to conserve the battery. The charge is held for at least 6 to 8 hours, although we’ve had one here for awhile and it is still lit bright.  Currently we have this design not only for the dinner menu but also for dessert and the lounge….I wouldn’t be surprised if Fritz adds a few more designs to the family.

Everything about the dining room is new and improved including the local farm fresh menu options.  If you’d like to make a dinner reservation, just call the front desk at 800-637-0013.  Come check out what the buzz is all about!