4 Great Kayaking and Rafting Locations in NH

Have you ever wanted to go rafting or kayaking, but haven’t had the time or didn’t know how to get started? Maybe you get a little jealous when someone drives by with a kayak on their car roof; you certainly know they’re heading on an adventure. Or maybe you’ve just thought of the thrill of navigating down a treacherous (not too treacherous though) river; water splashing in your face as you fly down the river on a hot summer’s day might provide some vivid images for your imagination.

Well, there are no more excuses if you’re staying in our backyard – Jackson, NH. You can reach several popular waterways within a few minutes to an hour. In fact, the kayaking and rafting in the Jackson area is the best in New Hampshire, which is why you’ll see people from all over New England when you traverse these White Mountain waters. Whether you take a professional tour or tackle some calmer waters by yourself, here are some options that will offer you plenty of excitement:

Pontook Dam

About one hour away from us is the Pontook Dam. Raft New Hampshire is a local guide company that offers a Class II & III whitewater rafting experience right near the dam. You’ll be out in the morning and back on solid ground by 3 p.m. Don’t forget to ask us for a glass of wine or even a massage to relax after your adventure!

Ellis River

Right here in Jackson is the Ellis River. You can take it easy with an afternoon paddling trip from Rte. 16 to the Jackson Golf Course. There are also whitewater rafting and kayaking areas along the river if you want to take it up a notch. Decide what kind of adventure you want and you can find it on Ellis. When you get back, you can rest and take a look at the waterfall right next to the hotel; not for too long though since you might get the urge to go back out for another water adventure.

Saco River

One of the most popular outdoor sporting destinations of the White Mountains is just a 30-minute drive from our location. The Saco River provides everything from brief to full-day trips. If you go with Saco Bound, you can opt for paddleboards, canoes or kayaks. You can even go the super relaxing route and float on a tube down the river toward Weston’s Bridge – definitely no experience required.

Mountain Pond

Just about a 30-minute drive from us is Mountain Pond in Chatham. It provides lovely flat water kayaking for beginners, and there is a short walk from the parking areas to the serene pond, so bring lightweight kayaks. You’ll be happy you did when it is time to walk back. You may also want to pack a set of binoculars, since birds and other wildlife are abundant.


No matter your reason for staying with us, it’s easy to fit in a day of rafting or kayaking in the beautiful mountain waters. Take an hour out of your schedule or use your whole vacation, it’s up to you. We’ll help you stay comfortable no matter how slow or fast you decide to take it.